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Domains: .com .net .org .info .biz

How to search for names:

  1. Enter a search term. This is the simplest search. Synonyms and suffixes will be appended and only .com will be searched.
  2. Use the advanced syntax:
Patterns can be full domain names, or just words (in which case .com/net/org will be assumed).

Patterns can contain the following expansion commands:

{word[:n]}      - word (maxlength n)
{prep[:n]}      - preposition (maxlength n)
{verb[:n]}      - verb (maxlength n)
{noun[:n]}      - noun (maxlength n)
{adj[:n]}       - adj (maxlength n)
{adv[:n]}       - adverb (maxlength n)
{top:[:n]} - top .tld domain names (maxcount n)
{cons[:except]} - consonant (optional list exceptions)
{vow[el]}       - vowel
{ref:}  - reference to a expression (not counting myself)
{let[ter]}      - letter (a-z)
{word1|w2|...}  - try all words
{num[ber]}      - number (0-9)
{syn:}    - synonyms of word
{pairs:}  - word pairs from file
{suf*fix}       - popular suffixes like 'web' and 'fly'
{pre*fix}       - popular prefixes like 'my' and 'cyber'

Examples of searches: 

{syn:super}{syn:tall}        - search for synonyms of super and synonyms of tall
{domain|name|web|com}{suf}   - search for words domain, name, web or com followed by popular suffixes
{adj:5}fly                   - up to 5 letter adjectives followed by the word 'fly'
{pre}{suf}.biz               - popular prefixes and suffixes in the 'biz' tld only

Regex can be applied to words, changing them:

{word:s/st$//}.st            - words that end in st, then removes the st, in the st domain